Follow up to My Affiliate Marketing Program Pitfalls

In my last blog/article, I mentioned that the majority of the time, those that are in control of the web sites or forums can decide what they want posted.  And that some of the scam information is/can be filtered or skewed to one side. 

Here are some examples as to what I was talking about.

For instance, I was doing some research one day and ran across an article about one of the marketing programs

I am associated with.  To my amazement, the article told some outright lies about the program and all of the comments listed were negative and everyone was agreeing it was a scam.  So I submitted a comment and very politely corrected the inconsistencies that were mentioned in the article.  I watched the web site for a couple of weeks, never saw my post and then I saw new posts hit the web site after I had submitted mine.  So I resubmitted my corrective post.  It never made it to the web site.  I learned that day that marketing information is just like statistics.  You can manipulate the data to make say what you want it to.

Here is another example of unseen information.  I was researching a program that I was thinking about joining so I went to the programs forum and read some of the posts.  The posts were questions about the program but one caught my eye from a year ago.  The advertisement for the program talked about massive visitors to your web site due to their program and the simple question being asked on the post was along the lines of I have been a member for over 2 month and I have not had any visitors to my web site.  The response from the program owner was that it takes time for your web site to hit all the search engines so be patient.  I submitted a very nice, polite question about this post.  I asked if the person in this post was finally getting lots of visitors to their web site since a year had past.  Within 1 hour, my post was removed.  As a result, I asked the question again.  Once more, the post was removed within an hour and I received an email (had to give my email to be able to comment on the forum) telling me this type of question is not one to be asked on the forum.  So I replied and asked them the question.  I got no response after a week so I posted my question once again.  The post was yet again removed and this time I got an email telling me I was band from the forum.  Needless to say, I did not join that program.

The purpose of these 2 examples was to show you that some of these web sites and forums that you can research may or may not include both positive and negative information about the program.  If you see only one side of the story, look until you find the other side.  One thing I find amusing about some scam information is that almost everyone that says it is a scam cannot always tell you why.  Evidently some of these people are experts when it comes to identifying a program as a scam…after about 1 week.  Seems to me you would give a program time to work before you label it. 

More to follow. 

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