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One of the best, and simplest, ways to start a Work at Home Mom business online is to become a seller on one of the several online auction sites.  Ebay is the most popular, and most widely recognized.  However, sellers are also having success on Yahoo auctions, Overstock auctions and many others.   Being an online auction seller has many benefits for a Work at Home Mom.

 You can set up auctions to automatically list at certain times of the day, so you do not always have to be at the computer.  Plus, there is guaranteed traffic to the auction website which makes it simple to get new customers.

Before you start an online auction business you should decide whether or not you have the skills or willingness to do so.  Although there is a lot of money to be made in auctions, there are also a lot of challenges.  As a successful auction Work at Home Mom, you need to have the tenacity to try different things to increase you sales.  You must also have knowledge of what the market wants so you can provide in demand products that will sell.  Money management is a must, since selling on an auction is typically a home-

based business.  You will be in charge of the finances of the business and need to be responsible for keeping your business and personal finances separate.

Online auction businesses are very simple to set up. To start an ebay business, for example, all you need is a registered account with ebay, and a paypal account.  The ebay account will allow you to perform transactions on their web site.  The paypal account will allow you to accept payment for items that you sell, as well as pay for the ebay fees.  Although you can technically take payments through check or money order, using paypal makes the process a whole lot faster and more enjoyable for your customers.

The fees involved with running an ebay business are minimal compared to having your own store on a separate web site.  While hosting for a web site can cost upwards of $20 per month, ebay only charges you a small percentage of the items that you sell.  There are also some other minimal fees involved, and most sellers work those fees into their listing price.

Before you decide to sell on an auction site as a business, try buying from another auction site first. Understand the process from the buyer’s point of view.  Take note of how you are treated by the seller and ask yourself what you would do differently.  Buying before selling is also a good method because you can build feedback in the auction site system.  Feedback is left whether you buy or sell, so building some feedback as a buyer is a good idea.  A positive feedback record will make you more appealing as a seller.

Finding items to sell is the biggest perceived problem with selling on auction sites.  You can start with items from around your home.  Look in your closets and in your garage for items that can be sold on the auction sites.  You will be surprised by what people will buy.  Selling from around your home will give you experience with the selling process and will build positive selling feedback.

Familiarize yourself with the auction process before you begin selling.  Remember to start your business small and let it develop as you become more confident in your auction selling abilities.

More to follow.

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