Update – That Free Thing Overview Video

Some exciting things have happened at That Free Thing (TFT) since my last update.  The most recent is a new program Overview video.  It is only 3 minutes and 41 seconds so click on the link below to see what the buzz is all about.

That Free Thing Overview

So far TFT members have earned over $600,000 in total commissions since March 1st. Needless to say, that is pretty incredible for a $25 opportunity and $10/month program.

TFT recently received two really great honors for their massive growth.  These are from credible 3rd party resources:

1. http://www.npros.com  (TFT is #3 here)

2. http://www.mlmrankings.com  (TFT is #2 here)

Some other new additions to the program:

  • - Video email system
  • - Invite tool
  • - Member transfer module
  • - Replicated marketing web sites
  • - Marketing videos

I am a member of this program and I can tell you first hand that there is a great amount of free stuff available.  This program is a delivery method to bring the free stuff to me instead of me going out and looking for it.  The free stuff I have received has more than offset the $9.95 monthly fee for at least a year. 

As a bonus for reviewing this post and visiting my web site, send me an email at thatnocostthing@gmail.com with the phrase “I saw TFT on your web site” in the subjectline and I will send you information about me paying your $25 enrollment fee into this program.

More to follow.

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